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Information about cyberJack® RFID basis

The cyberJack® RFID basis was primarily designed for use with the new ID card as an electronic proof of identity and can be used with the new ID card as an identification card on the Internet. In addition to the applications of the new ID card, the reader also supports all other RFID applications, such as eTicketing with RFID cards.


Linux-Drivers for cyberJack® RFID basis

If the automatic update does not work, you can install the CCID drivers manually. Please refer to the table below for the USB drivers for your Linux distribution.

USB drivers with CCID

Current distributions x861 x86 64-bit1
SuSE 11.2DownloadDownload
SuSE 11.1DownloadDownload
Debian 5.0DownloadDownload
Ubuntu 10.10DownloadDownload
Ubuntu 10.04DownloadDownload
Ubuntu 9.10DownloadDownload
Ubuntu 9.04DownloadDownload

You can find the driver hash values here.

1Use x86 packages for PCs with Intel or AMD 32-bit processors
2Use x86 64-bit packages for AMD 64 / Intel Pentium 4 64-bit processors.

Source code

If your distribution is not listed above, we cannot provide any up-to-date pre-compiled packages. However, you can compile the associated source code. The source code of the current versions of our Linux drivers is listed below.

Version Status Source code
V 1.4.0ReleasedDownload
V 1.3.11ReleasedDownload

Further information:

Many thanks to Dr. Ludovic Rousseau.

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