Become a REINER SCT partner


Sports and business have at least one thing in common: The goal is to win! Why not join the sunny side of business? The side where everyone's a winner and where you can achieve your goals? The first step is always the hardest? On the contrary—taking the first step with us is easy. Very easy!

Become a member of the REINER SCT partner program. Become part of a growing market as a member of our community of success!

The highlights of time recording with timeCard Zeiterfassung

  • An ideal door opener
  • Good margins
  • Unmatched price-performance ratio
  • Continuous revenue from installation and service contracts
  • Made in Germany


Your first step is to become a “Source of Supply” and enjoy the benefits of a partner when you purchase and install timeCard solutions.

  • Present your company on the REINER SCT home page

  • Receive supporting collateral from REINER SCT

  • Take part in valuable timeCard workshops

  • Join us for the annual REINER SCT Partner Forum

  • Get assistance from the REINER SCT Channel team on your way to becoming a Certified Partner


JOIN THE Partner program


Registering as a partner is easy.

All you need to do is let your distributor or REINER SCT know directly that you are interested in becoming a partner. The REINER SCT Head of Training will then contact you personally.

To start your partner qualification, REINER SCT recommends attending an on-premise timeCard workshop where we will not only answer your technical questions, but can also take a look behind the scenes and get to know us personally.

Do you want to move up a level, obtain better terms and better distinguish yourself from the competition?

Step 2: Become a “Certified Partner”.

Your benefits as a Certified Partner:

  • Even better purchasing conditions
  • At least four-fold margin compared to specialist dealers and e-tailers
  • Personal support by your Channel team
  • Priority processing of your support requests
  • Exclusive promotion packages and marketing assistance
  • Guaranteed acquisition of new customers

A partnership is a mutual give and take. In order to become a Certified Partner, you will need to recertify every two years, attend the annual REINER SCT Partner Forum and achieve a minimum annual product turnover of € 8,000. If you name two reference customers per year you may place REINER SCT and the timeCard product on your home page.

Would you like to know more?

Our contact persons for the partner program are happy to help.

 - Sebastian Hinz
  • Sebastian Hinz  
  • Sales Manager IT Channel
  • E-Mail: shinz(at)

Prospects and new partners

 - Stefan Otto
  • Stefan Otto  
  • Sales Manager IT Channel
  • E-Mail: SOtto(at)

Sources of Supply and Certified Partners

 - Petra Barthillat
  • Petra Barthillat  
  • Marketing IT Channel
  • E-Mail: PBarthillat(at)








This is what our REINER SCT Partners say:


Reiner Stumpf,, Ebing

timeCard sells really well and quickly. Its price-performance ratio is unbeatable. timeCard is an excellent product for making money.”

Theresa Wollesky, Wsoft, Leipzig

I've never before experienced such a high level of quality in terms of partner assistance, personal attention and reliability.

Ralf Großekathöfer, LANOS, Schloß Holte Stukenbrock

“The REINER SCT Partner Program is simple and a fair deal. Everybody has the chance to become Certified Partner.”